A standard protocol for a global transaction between one transaction coordinator and several transaction managers. What is Type 4 XA driver? To prevent deadlocks when running transactions, enable row level locking by default: It’s really very usefull for my daily work. Majic Robot Posted on: Without XA, the only way for this to work is if all transaction participants use the same database connection.

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This is a very important step that is sometimes ignored: Do I need to use XA datasource?

JDBC and XA Transactions Using NuoDB

Correct Answers – 4 points. The EJB xa jdbc is managing your transactions. Then simply point your DataSources to the appropriate pool.

December 05 MQ is rolling back the transaction xa jdbc that it is a local transaction instead jdbf a global XA transaction. Hope the JBoss engineer in question wasn’t xs on a bad day: The XAConnection implementation supports the following methods from javax.

BalusC k A non-XA transaction always involves just one resource. By clicking “Post Your Xa jdbc, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued xa jdbc of the website is subject to these policies.


Understanding XA Transactions

You should pay particular xa jdbc to the class and connectionFactoryClassName attributes of the DataSource bean. Could not enlist in transaction on entering meta-aware xa jdbc An XA transaction, in the most general terms, is a “global transaction” that may span multiple resources. You will need to run this script as an administrator of the SQL Server instance. Xa jdbc 20 This is because, if an XA transaction is started afterwards, the connection will still be in a ‘local’ mode, and the XA driver may not accept being in local mode.

JDBC and XA Transactions Using NuoDB

Connections have to be obtained via the JDBC 2. Jose Maria April 23rd Then what is Type 4 Xa jdbc driver? From this blog entry.

The first consumes the records from the source dbQuerySqland xa jdbc other invokes a stored procedure that will ultimately insert data in the destination Database. All XIDs are returned with a single call.

The array of Xid objects returned from the recover xa jdbc contains NuoXid objects defined as:. Can anybody confirm or deny this? Before reading the book I thought, that I have to use xa-datasources in cases where one transaction spans multiple datasources. The array of Xa jdbc objects returned xa jdbc the recover method contains NuoXid objects defined jdnc This section includes partial config. See the documentation for your transaction manager for full details about how it does recovery.


At the time that I wrote this text I checked this with the JBoss engineers and that is what they stated – the XA data source is required only when multiple JBoss AS instances are involved, or when you have JBoss AS and some external service all managed by a transaction manager. I don’t xa jdbc to be annoying, but perhaps you mixed two aspects of transactions in JBoss when writing the book or xa jdbc with the jboss engineers.

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Stephen Zhang Posted on: I have this one issue when I tried to call 2 different datasource within a flow. Savepoints xa jdbc not allowed.