This trend was continued in higher resolutions and details but F1 was ultimately smooth and playable even at high settings. Fraps demonstrated that frame rate in 3D mode is halved compared to 2D mode. Upon opening the Satellite P, we immediately noticed the Harmon-Kardon logo that adorns both speakers, indicating that Toshiba has given some thought to the speaker system for this notebook. Competition is huge in the field of medium-sized multimedia laptops. During our Furmark and Prime95 simultaneous stress test, the notebook became considerably hotter. In multi-threaded apps, the iQM was really able to flex its Hyper Threading capabilities as it was able to nearly go toe to toe with our desktop Ivy Bridge i5 K testbench. No major issues here.

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The keys generate toshiba p855 high-pitched noise while typing but the sound is not subjectively cheap. The Toshiba Satellite PS is pretty much going to be your run of the mill, big box manufacturer notebook.

While idlewe measured an audible but toshiba p855 average noise level of Similarly, the occasionally jerky touchpad that refused to work during full load is a glaring flaw. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

You can see the heat pipe but not the fan. The speakers are loud and punchy and will certainly do the job for watching YouTube toshiba p855 and TV shows, toshibaa if you want to toshiba p855 every bullet fired in Battlefield 3 in sparkling definition, I suggest grabbing a decent pair of closed-back p585 or a speaker set with a sub-woofer.

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Best Laptops for The Toshiba Satellite P 10G is such a machine. Please share our article, every link counts! Beauty aside, there are some downsides of note. In the SuperPi single-threaded toshiba p855, the QM did an excellent job blowing away all mobile competitors and getting a good performance margin against the older generation Sandy Bridge based iM on the Sony Vaio E. Additionally the 80 toshiba p855 illumination is not particularly homogenous.

In the realm of high-performance notebooks, designers are always challenged to find the proper toshiba p855 between quiet operation and powerful, high-performance components which generate a significant amount of heat. An Ivy Bridge-based quad-core processor clocked at 2. However, it remains possible to use the Satellite P in a shady place. Should be OK for those looking to play some flash games or something less graphically demanding such as Starcraft 2, but those looking to play anything more graphics intensive should consider getting a toshiba p855 with a dedicated graphics card.

Toshiba Satellite P855 Series

The latter is a mid-range graphics card based on the nanometer Kepler architecture. The combination of large screen, powerful CPU, and dedicated graphics that cannot be deactivated via Optimus cause us concern regarding the power consumption of this toshiba p855 notebook.

Toshiba Satellite P Source: Fraps demonstrated that frame rate in 3D mode is halved compared to 2D mode. The Satellite P has a maintenance cover on the underside that is held in place toshiba p855 merely one Phillips-head screw.

Overall, the Toshiba P has good workmanship and the underside maintenance cover and battery give no reason for complaint. The Elder Scrolls V: We ran 3DMark06 again after our stress toshiba p855 and recorded a 3.

During our power toshiba p855 test, we noted that the Toshiba Satellite P uses a Wh lithium-ion battery. While we managed two hours during DVD playbackthe sample notebook was unable to play even a standard movie with its 90 minute runtime when playing Blu-Ray. Toshjba multimedia toshiba p855 typically do a better job.


Review Toshiba Satellite P855-107 Notebook

Even under the most ideal conditions, Toshiba advertised the toshiba p855 as having a maximum runtime of five and a half hours as measured by Mobile Mark The 3D effect was subjectively nice, but the overall gameplay environment suffered from minimum settings.

While this is toshiba p855 toshibw significant, this throttling is compounded by its effect on 3D performance as well. That said, the Xplorer X does also come with a dedicated graphics card, which contributes most to the increased power draw under load.

For load power consumption numbers, toshiba p855 Prime95 and Furmark are run simultaneously for a minimum of 5 minutes before the final results are taken.

Toshiba Satellite PS Specs – CNET

Moreover, the same score was achieved when operating on battery power. The graphical performance fell short of upper limit of toshiba p855 using the same graphics card, likely due to the use of slower DDR3 memory. Touchpad Similar to toshiba p855 keyboard, the touchpad also has a few oddities.