More explanation on how to move license to other computer on successful software activation. Systray icon is available after an explorer. Improvements when handling a large list of remote networks for SSL connections Improvement: A tunnel is shown as open in Connection Panel when an USB Drive is plugged-in, but the tunnel is still shown as open when USB drive is un-plugged although it has been closed. Your username or email address: Hybrid Mode requires a Certificate and X-Auth to be set to function properly.

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You can do this by going to Phase1, select Pre-Shared Key then save, and select again your Certificate from Token before saving. Die Kommandozeilenparameter werden korrekt interpretiert Thegreenbow ndis filter only.

Systray popup takes focus. Bessere Fehlerbehandlung bei Aktivierungsfehlern.

Compatibility problem with ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client

It can also be used to prepare a global configuration, and activate only the needed tunnel. The problem seems to be Windows 7 related. New graphical user interface to provide easier user experience.

Support 2 new languages Czech and Danish for a total of 21 languages. Enter your feedback here max. Download 30 Tage unverbindlich testen.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 R2 for Windows Workstations

Ability to activate the software on Windows machine where system folders like MyDocuments or ProgramData might or might not be available. Apr 9, Posts: Traffic thegreenbow ndis filter is not working properly with Config Payload mode enabled i.

The integration of this feature obsoletes the previous stand-alone configuration tool ‘vpnstart.

Setup is easier with no more setup summary dialog. Support of nested tunnels between different thegreenbow ndis filter Feature: Warning displayed in the Console when an outdated certificate is used in an IKEv2 configuration. Scripts can be run when a tunnel just opened, thegreenbow ndis filter it is closed and after it is closed. Double reboot after installation was still called on some cisrcumstances. Die Kommandozeilenoption –smartcardroaming arbeiten nicht korrekt bei gesetzten Werten von 4 oder 5, wenn mehrere SmartCards am System angemeldet sind.

VMware Workstation for Windows 5. Filteg in tunnel names in Configuration Panel if multiple tunnels have been configured. Connexion panel might not show an opened tunnel in some VPN Configurations. thegreenbow ndis filter

thegreenbow ndis filter Installation language can be specified through a setup command line. It is possible to enter a space character in a preshared-key. Scan file or URL for viruses Report a false alarm.


With this new software release any Filtre compatible adapter should be working fine. The VPN Configuration File location is identified with icon on the bottom left corner of the main window, thegreenbow ndis filter the Configuration File Location window is simplified.

Alphabetische Sortierung der Tunnelnamen im Systray. Support of the suffix domain name Cisco extension: Among major thegreenbow ndis filter are a simpler top menu, smaller and clearer Connection Panel, less buttons and more tabs in Configuration Panel.

Compatibility problem with ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client | Wilders Security Forums

This bug is fixed. KevinHejnDec 30, Einfacherer Wechsel zwischen Verbindungs- und Konfigurationsfenster.

Finnish and Danish language typo in the Software Activation window. Connexion Panel slightly redesigned to better display multiple tunnels. Auslesen der ObjektID aus Zertifikaten.