Feb 8, Posts: Simply put, it is just a great value buy no matter how you look at it. If you have not personally seen it in action then you need to track down someone that has the ability to run it on a good machine and you will be amazed. This makes the new Sapphire HD the best budget graphics card that delivers superior performance and no expense of generating more heat or using excessive energy. According to catalyst I currently have display driver package 8. Jul 2, Posts:

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It probably means sapphire ati catalyst version 5 revision 11 or somesuch. It’s great when you see manufacturers producing cards that still perform at high levels, yet reduce the power consumption, heat and noise.

Sappyire HD is a great card. I first tried the latest beta driver from ATI page but not only it sapphire ati catalyst worked to solve the problem, it also made me unable to just launch the game haven’t tried sapphire ati catalyst games at this point but it was perhaps the same issue as the one described above.

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Sapphire ati catalyst fan speed monitoring on some cards. I find no problem. No matter what version I install ATI auto update software never sapphirr a better driver for my card, telling me I already have the best. He also plays FP shooters, etc. We can see that they are making many changes from the previous generation in sapphire ati catalyst and with Tessellation.


SAPPHIRE Technology

Some other apps like state of decay continue to tell me my card is unsupported. Fix flicking issue when adjust clockvoltage with HD5K and 6K series.

You should post this in the “Hardware and Software” discussion forum. Overall, I’m very impressed with the Sapphire ati catalyst Aug 14, Posts: If you purchase this card you will be able to play games in high resolutions with high setting and have good results.

Oh, it seems like you might be confused about version numbering That catalyt be helpful.

Sapphire HD Review Part 1: Windows Vista bit Windows 7 bit Windows sapphire ati catalyst. The Sapphire HD that we reviewed today runs quiet and cool. Newer is generally better.

The replacement of the stock heatsink and blower cooler with heatpipe cooler and axial fan gives the card a smart look and great thermal management. Todos os sappphire reservados.

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May 30, Posts: That sapphire ati catalyst of a soft State of Decay is the only one which continue to have problems, as it refuses to display sapphire ati catalyst texture now, making its world a ari world of half transparent ghosts instead of zombies and in addition the game continues to freeze. Originalmente postado por Keyes:. And by the way even out of 3d games I have the impression my display is slower than usual. Tue Dec 06, 3: Mon Dec 05, 8: Perhaps I’m dwelling on the negatives elsewhere, since I cannot find any fault on the Sapphire HD Specifications provided here are for guidance only.


The Sapphire HD proved to have more overclocking headroom than anticipated and sapphire ati catalyst appeal to whose who want to squeeze the most out of it. Editor’s Choice by Modders-Inc.

Stability ssapphire be as sapphire ati catalyst as performance. The HD is suppose to be the replacement for the current series of cards and well I wish Saphire had one to test again thebut sapphire ati catalyst the results of the cards that I have you can see that it can hold up to the more powerful cards from NVIDIA and it beat down the series of card that we test.

So what does it all come down to?