The result is an attractive, powerful phone with an easy-to-use TouchWiz interface. It was only available only to customers of T-Mobile. As the carrier typically does, T-Mobile has locked down this phone, prohibiting you from installing your own apps; in all fairness, though, the Behold isn’t a smartphone. The touch interface is responsive and intuitive; in many ways the internal menus are not unlike the Instinct. This phone takes superb shots in low light. Log in with your Samsung Account. You then can play tunes without opening the main menu.

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You can drag various icons for apps including the music player, the photo viewer, the IM client, and the Web browser from a sidebar and plop them anywhere you’d like on the home screen. Other essentials include a vibrate mode, text and multimedia messaging, a calendar, a calculator, a notepad, a task list, an alarm clock, a world clock, a timer, a stopwatch, a currency and unit converter, and a sgy.

Like on the LG Dare, samsung sgh t919 home screen is t91 customizable.

Uber’s emergency button rolls out across the US to help keep riders safe. D D D D The phone comes with a wired headset for its oddball, samsung sgh t919 Samsung jack. It’s easy to use and intuitive and thankfully devoid of distracting T9119 animation.

Samsung T919 Behold

Earn rewards for the things you do every day. Features The phone has a huge, 2,contact phone book with room in each entry for four phone numbers, four instant-messaging handles, a Web site, a birthday, an anniversary, samsung sgh t919 street sa,sung, and notes the Samsumg card holds an additional names.


Of course, that samsung sgh t919 that the headset jack is proprietary and you only can use one peripheral at a time. Samsung claimed “to have represented exactly one quarter of all touchscreen phones shipped in “, estimating “that it produced about 10 million models of various kinds”. One sour design note: You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. He’s the head of our Fastest Mobile Networks project, hosts our One Cool Thing daily Web show, and writes opinions on samshng and society.

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And at 4 ounces, it falls just between the two in weight. Skip to content Skip to accessibility help. It may be a samsung sgh t919 small for some users, 9t19 most people shouldn’t have a problem. Like the Omnia, the Behold features Samsung’s new TouchWiz user interface, which allows for an extra level of personalization on your Home screen.

As a voice phone, the Behold isn’t bad, as long as you don’t venture into areas with a lot of background noise. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate which is the unit of measurement for the amount of RF energy absorbed by the head samsunb using a mobile phone. You will be redirected via a new browser window to the Samsung Samsung sgh t919 website for U.

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Log in with Google. Redirect Notification As of Nov. View All 12 Photos in Gallery. SAR stands samsung sgh t919 Specific Samsung sgh t919 Rate which is the unit of measurement for the amount of RF energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone.


Minor dislikes of the Samsung Behold that will vary with differing tastes are the simple samsnug of the music player, for users who wish to use the Samsung Behold as a business handy phone, it does not allow for Microsoft Office documents to be opened but it allows PDF files to load, lacking a standard headphone jack.

Thank you for visiting Samsung U. T-Mobile passes all pages through a WAP-translation portal which makes it easy to read the basic text content from Web pages, but it also mangles their layout.

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Sign up with Google. Already sansung a Samsung Account? The Behold has just three physical controls below the display. The icon on the Back key is tiny so we kept forgetting what it did at first. You can continue shopping and take advantage or our best deal at Samsung. samsung sgh t919

The calling controls are a tad small, too, but they’re pleasantly tactile.