If you require low latency as well as a lot of effects or time stretching, you may want to run with the ASIO driver at the expense of the lights. Momentarily pulls the cross-fader to the center position while pressed. The Big X button is tied to the Brake effect. Due to limitations in the 2. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. This behavior can be switched to behave as a master-out meter instead by setting the value of MaudioXponent. All the way to the right sends only the main output to the headphones.

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The transition into digital M audio xponent couldn’t be simpler. All the way to the right sends only the main output to the headphones 28 Headphone Volume Controls the volume of the headphones. This is a hardware control, and changes will not be reflected in the Mixxx UI. Accessories For Concert Percussion.

These m audio xponent be mentioned in-line. The default mode can be changed in the config section of the M-Audio-Xponent-Advanced-scripts. Some items are excluded from our money back guarantee, including: You can use it now with Mixxx 2.

The upper numbered buttons set or activate hotcues. Any additional effect m audio xponent beyond three will have to be controlled from the Mixx UI. This is expected to change in 2. Every control on Xponent boasts the same rock-solid construction and m audio xponent feel as traditional DJ hardware. You can easily route the output of Torq to a program like Pro Tools M-Powered or Ableton Live and explore even more performance, production and sound design possibilities.


It’s easy to get up audo running with Xponent because all of the hardware controls are m audio xponent exactly where you’d expect them to be. To arrange a return, just contact our customer service department on or email us at support juno.

Documentation for the mapping is available on the Mixco website. If the buttons no longer pulse brightly and fade down when you press them, then the Xponent is in the correct mode for use with Mixxx.

If you require low latency as well as a m audio xponent of effects or time stretching, you may m audio xponent to run with the ASIO driver at the expense of the lights. xonent

m-audio_xponent [Mixxx Wiki]

The right-hand side controls effects. Please refer to the following diagram for control numbers. Pressing xudio m audio xponent PFL button will disable it. For DJ CD player-style control, the unit includes two touch-sensitive scratch wheels for scratching, speeding up and slowing down the playback of digital files.

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When the track is playing, the jog wheel speeds up or slows down the track.

M Audio Torq

Connector 2 is the main out, and Connector 1 is the headphones. Our full range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands.

The flashing behavior can be customized by setting the MaudioXponent. Once m audio xponent effect has the focus, pressing the auduo again will toggle it on and off. We’d like to know what you think of Juno’s website. Returns must be unused and in their original, undamaged packaging. The Big Minus button momentarily plays the corresponding track backwards. Wait until the Xponent is completely started up auddio progress LEDS on both decks are fully lit then release the keys. Xponent’s mixer section lets you deliver a dynamic performance m audio xponent the same feel and response as a standard hardware mixer.

The Midi mode see 19 is not m audio xponent at this time. Controls the volume of the master audio output.

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