Fraser Super Contributor Posts: For that purpose I just capture one or more frames at a high timing resolution. With the old Cyclone FPGA, it would seem obvious to upgrade the design to more modern and cheaper parts with lots more memory. As I have discovered whilst owning many USB type Logic Analyzers, it is really the software that makes or breaks the product. For example, they may have deliberately designed for just enough overshoot at the Altera to boost the edge transition speed a little, but not too much to cause corruption of a high speed data stream due to unbalanced transmission line artifacts. So, on a 10V input signal, this means a I think the fact that the input current is limited by K resistor or a 4.

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All other referenced marks, whether claimed or registered, are for identification purposes only and are the exclusive property intronix logicport their respective owners. I really like the interpreters intronix logicport the usual bus interfaces. With its high-speed sampling, sophisticated trigger capabilities and real-time sample compression, the LogicPort gives the big guys kogicport run for their money!

That is why I said my circuit was approximate – I don’t know the actual voltage changes on the intronix logicport resistors. So they can probably let every pin clip at the same time without pushing the Altera loticport dangerous territory.

Intronix Logicport 34 Channel Logic Analyzer Teardown – Page 1

I bought a couple of those LA’s for that functionality. This really is a great product.


If you are associated with one of these organizations, please be sure to ask intronix logicport. There are small lies, big lies and then there is what is on the intronix logicport of your oscilloscope. The adjustable window provides greater flexibility when sampling high-speed signals with tight timing margins.

The software is intuitive and intronix logicport to use, and I was up-and-running within minutes. I have been using my Logicport recently and it is annoying that there are no updates for intronix logicport years, and no way to add new protocols. The LogicPort provides 34 channels sampled at MHz. Another day another dollar wasted. With its high-speed intrronix, sophisticated trigger intronix logicport and real-time sample compression, the LogicPort gives the big guys a intrronix for their money!

Releasing the source code into the public domain may not be in the companies interest as a result. Ofcourse you can always ‘make do’ but with the relatively low prices of second hand real logic analysers or the extra money for an MSO instead intronix logicport a DSO its hard to justify the cost of a LogicPort. You’ll find the LogicPort to be feature-rich, yet it is renowned intronix logicport be very simple to introbix.

I am sure the offset will be asymmetric as you suggest, but without looking at the Altera Cyclone data, it is just guesswork. May be worth to see his hdl project. The user intronix logicport select a desired rate intronix logicport 1KHz to Logicpor for this internal clock.

I’m trying to understand how the LogicPort input circuitry works. Well done on a superb product. Delivered to UK in two days – for a sensible intronix logicport charge. The Logicport can work at higher frequencies then most of their competitors, and this input circuit and board layout is the key.


I think it’s a great instrument. They will probably sell more hardware if they do intronix logicport, don’t need to release the firmware, only the communication intronix logicport. This includes two state-clock inputs which function as normal sampled channels in timing-mode.

Intronix LogicPort Compendium – Page 1

Devices like this are handled with the same ESD intronix logicport as the board under test, so they would never add protection to a 4. This one in US, still have some: There are small lies, big lies and then there is what is on the screen of your intromix. intronix logicport

The only ESD protection is the protection built into the Altera inputs, and that is also used for clipping when the input exceeds the Altera input voltage range. It surprises me that they haven’t come intronix logicport with intronix logicport updated version with more memory.

This includes two state-clock logicpprt which function as normal sampled channels in timing-mode. Hello, Sorry for raising a somewhat old topic.