Thank you very much virtualaddict! Evidently a lot of people are dissatisfied with the Control Pad on no-name and Gravis controllers, preferring that of a Nintendo or Sony console. So, you can you do me a huge favor and compile it for me? Is your gamepad wireless or can be usb plugged? You made at least one child happy and one older child too: Yes, I meant emulators are not working.

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This can be prevented with a similar technique to the diagonal: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policy dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick, and our Terms of Service.

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DragonRise Inc Generic USB joystick – RetroPie Forum

You made at least joystivk child happy and one older child dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick Should there be a House of Cards Season 6? Separable interpretation is useful for side-view games, inc.geneirc the X axis moves left and right and the Y axis looks up and down or jumps and crouches. Please do not post a support request without first reading and following the advice in https: Personal tools Create account Log in. And don’t depend on dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick player being able to reach the four corners with the joystick.

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The player may end up starting a game with the wrong controls and not knowing how to get back to the menu to configure the controls. But the thing is, even on the Windows systems, the rumble effect needed a driver for it to work which I also installed on my Ubuntu using Wine.


Please login or register. You should see dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick like this: An original PlayStation controller or a Dual Shock or Dual Shock 2 with the Inc.genefic button turned off will replace all joystick axes with the corresponding direction on the Control Pad.

Thank you all for your help!

USB game controller – Pin Eight

I think dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick you will have to create also a new joystick keyboard layout. Such a player would have to press all the buttons on the controller but would eventually end up pressing the button whose number is the same as that of the Back or Start button on the Xbox controller, or in the case of a controller with few buttons, the dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick button.

I’ve been trying to search for solutions for days now but still to no avail. Sign up using Email and Password.

Retropie Controller Configuration

I installed the “joystick” package with: But the order and number of buttons within a category dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick unpredictable, as is which button the user expects to use for each action. Post as a guest Name. There is an InputAutoCfg. Thank you very much!


One of my testers reports that it calls itself a “Controller Xbox Wireless Receiver for Windows “. The emulators installed on dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick basic Raspbian build without any problems whatsoever. Assigning multiple buttons to a given action can be done later, after the drabonrise configuration is in place. I spent hours trying to figure out what USB controller I ysb and what the correct key layout was. Dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick now it is like this.

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And their second axis the right stick is detected as part of the first axis, and works erratically. Perhaps, if you can find out exactly which line s of the. According to this manual it should work with android: OK, I discovered one more thing, when I change emulator joystick option to dragobrise Dragonrise inc.generic usb joystick doenst work. The D-PAD wasn’t recognized at first. Sign up using Email and Password. You should see something like this:.