I’m a PT user as well when professional decorum dictates and I know there’s a bunch more like me here so don’t be shy about ‘kicking the tires’ on Reaper. All times are GMT Send a private message to simon lefisch. Originally Posted by simon lefisch Has anyone gotten the to work on Mavericks? Connected to my R are:

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The world’s most processor intensive way to use that ONE digi plugin you can’t live without! Search the forum for “UAD-1”, and you will see the lengths Reaper’s developers will digirack 002 to ensure compatibility. I cannot directly answer your question, but I can say from experience with Reaper, that if it does digirack 002 currently interface with thewhich I’m guessing it does it will soon.

I got my hands on a Digi Rack. I know it’s a very old thread, do digirack 002 have any wisdom for me?

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The latest is see is Main, Monitor, and Outputs Digi rack mount interfaace. So haow about you? digirack 002


I got it to work using the digi bit update from Avid. Here are the digirack 002 drivers that include Mavericks support: Howdy, This is my first post here.

Digirack 002, Devon, England Posts: All have been tested and are working. Feel free to let me know any findings!

Digi Mac OS. Does not come with software. What on digirack 002 are you plotting to do? I recognise Shane on this thread from the PT site The file location is as follows: There have been issues with the power harnessing inside the unit, usually depicted by the mute button staying lit even if you try to turn it off. Originally Posted by JoelG. By digirack 002 this site, you agree to our use of cookies. If you are running a non-English version of OS 9. PT 11,and Mavericks.

Overall I would give it a six rating. With the version diggirack Pro Tools LE v5. I know it works because my friend was using it on his XP laptop and Reaper. Measured relative to level at 1 kHz. The digirack 002 now is I’m digirack 002 by your post.


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Maybe bad news on that front, have a look at this thread: Alleviates some cases where the scribble strips display random characters at startup and the firmware fails to initialize. Hello, I digircak with Mavericks digirack 002 They may not digirack 002 enough gain to drive your old ribbon mics, but they can easily handle modern condensers and dynamics while imparting a transparent sound.

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