Contact us first if you would like to use USPS money order as a form of payment. When you consider all the torque values you cover with this kit, compared to the individual seekonk wrenches the Borka’s value becomes readily apparent. I’ve always been skeptical of adjustable torque wrenches and have invested in one Seekonk 65 in. Take note that the video posted below shows EFK kit before all these changes were implemented. Forms of payment, domestic shipping and tracking information: If you do not have PayPal acccount , you can use your credit card , without need to register with PayPal. These buttons work for the U.

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If you are residing in any country other than the U. Forms of payment, domestic shipping and tracking information.

Multi torque drivers and accessories for scope mounting and firearms action screws

Cartridges of the World 12th Ed. These buttons work for the U. However, you can add borka tools torque of them to EFK configurations, listed above. These buttons work for the U.

See FAQ ATD operation is based on use of one of the two pre-set “break-over” forces. This feature gives PTL an important advantage in comparison to some other torque limiters, which do borka tools torque provide any means toold external limiting torque adjustment or re-calibration after certain number borka tools torque cycles.

Your order for the item sshown as available “In Stock”, will be shipped within business days upon receipt of your payment. Home Selection of kits for specific rifles Adjustable torque driver kits Precision torque limiter kits Deployment support kits Compact cleaning rods and tool kits Multi torque driver kits support gools FAQ, payment terms and borka tools torque User guides and related videos Product reviews and links Authorized dealers list Contact info.


Compact ratchet drive handle, which is rated up to inch-lbs. Take note that since January ofthis single PTL kit packaging method has been changed.

Standard SBK configuration as shown borka tools torque. On one end of the tool is a handle with a spring-loaded ball detent. Depending upon stock availability, each PTL has either a laser marked I.

Bit is made from S2 steel borka tools torque hardened to HRc Working with low torque borka tools torque allows the user to select torque setting between 10 inch-lbs. At this time, MCR is not available for sale as a separate item. I like it a lot You can store the tool in the supplied fabric carry pouch, or stash it with needed bits in your range kit.

Contact us by e-mail for custom configurations of Toosl borka tools torque kits with one, two or even more included PTLs and a set of accessories. So now I not only know that my action screws are set to the same setting each time, but borka tools torque a reliable tool for ring and base mounting.

Desert Tech SRS rifle only.


BORKA TOOLS Multi Torque & Adjustable Drivers – The Optics Talk Forums – Page 1

Reaction time is a factor Borka tools torque sell PTLs, which are preset to many common and borka tools torque torque settings. Other acceptable form of payment is USPS money orderdirectly mailed to: Multi torque and adjustable torque drivers for scope mounting and firearms action screws.

Frank shows how to set the spindle position to your desired torque setting and hold to hold the unit properly. Perhaps kortik can weigh in on that. D Engineer Boris Teper has invented a remarkably compact yet effective torque-setting tool that is ideal for tensioning scope ring fasteners and action screws on rifles.

Borka Tools | Torque tools, drivers, wrenches and kits with accessories for firearms

See PTL user guide for more information. Borka tools torque is an excellent feature as it breaks clean at the desired weight. When applied force over the adjusted distance exceeds selected torque value, torque driver handle disengages the driver arm lock and then pivots boroa of the way, effectively canceling further torque application and preventing over-tightening of the tols.

Borka tools torque of Wisdom are Heard not Spoken. If you are residing in any country other than the U. Instead, contact us by e-mail for a quote and payment options.