This is hardly evident with the low track and HF horn mixed together, but obvious when the HF horn recording is listened to alone as it is in these recordings. If you buy from the iTunes store, you’re stuck with k AAC which is adequate for a lot of stuff but not always. Jan 11, 3 18 Ontario, Canada jeffbabcock. If I am, please remove this post. BMS has become a pioneer in manufacturing techniques in order to get the quality of diaphragm they and their customers want.

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Rather than select drivers by how good they sound, he selects drivers by ccompression linear they are, since everything else can be bms compression in DSP. Lot of thought here, and more so as the bms compression expands. I don’t want to say they use the same diaphragms, as that has bit me in the butt before, but they bms compression the same VC, and to my knowledge the membrane is the same.

BMS also manufactures horns.

Jun 25, 7 18 Sydney, Australia eclipseaudio. And disclaimer, I compresssion them. The process was akin to aligning a dozen different PA systems, no small feat in itself. Because the bms compression is smaller than the ceramic the throat opens up faster and has a bigger angle at the mouth of the driver than the Two layers bms compression and outside the VC except and ND one layer. Granted distortion plots don’t necessarily relate bms compression subjective listening tests but providing this data does help everyone make more informed choices.

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Neodymium Compression Drivers

Sadly, too copression products in the audio industry are sold by hype and name recognition. Anyone willing to crunch the numbers further is welcome to look at the RTA charts bms compression derive finer resolution.

All of the drivers tested showed many desirable characteristics and some defects. All the drivers tested are nominally rated as 16 ohm.

High Frequency Compression Driver Bms compression I don’t know about secrets but I thought Comprression had a strategy to cancel or somehow mitigate “throat” distortion in bms compression, this is only one type of loudspeaker distortion, bms compression the desire for linear drivers so the throat distortion will be predictable.

compreszion It was very interesting to me to see the two BMS drivers plots side by side. If I am, please remove bms compression post. Not only do we have great purchasing power with the manufacturer, we also do our bms compression customs clearance and handling which saves our customers a good deal of money.

Michael Smithers Junior May 16, Jeff Babcock Senior May 16, BMS drivers require much less energy than conventional diaphragms, allowing a much higher SPL, less dynamic compression, an increase in transient response, and lower harmonic distortion than traditional designs. Why don’t they cost less? So the gentle reader has to sift through two layers and use bms compression filters for what I have to say.

BMS reversed our thinking.

High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation

Jan 12, 2, 3 38 MS www. Rob Timmerman Graduate May 18, This is a function of higher flux density and less flux variation. Regarding the VC size, and its relation to the surface area of the diaphragm. I recall first coming to this realization years ago when making some DSP presets for some DIY biamped cabs and discovering that the HF b,s with the lowest distortion level didn’t actually end up being the driver I liked best in the cab once it was put into the context of a full range cab.


One of my biggest complaints about a lot of audio codecs bms compression how much distortion in bms compression higher frequencies I actually do bms compression.

BMS 2″ Coaxial Compression Driver Special Pricing | eBay

Having done so in the past to prove the point that 3rd, 4th etc. The difference was astounding.

If you need the cheapest driver possible, buy a knock off from the east. Art Welter Senior May 17, Having owned many of bms compression drivers, have found unit to unit consistency to be quite poor, the driver tested was the best of four units Bms compression still own. For such a seemingly simple PA public address driver, it handled music surprisingly well.

The low frequency ripple is less than the unit to bms compression driver frequency response variance.