Click the drop-down arrow to view the list just below the Use as Default Output Device option. You’ll now point the path to the correct folder: Then copy the PC3 files from the folder pictured above to the folder you created on your network. These files contain settings such as:. By default, PC3 files are stored in the Plotters folder. However, if you have a large-format plotter, you may be able to get faster plotting, better plot quality, or more plot features by installing a non-system driver. Choose the output device that you want to designate as the default for new drawings.

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Choose Properties in the Page Setup dialog box. A little plotter-with-legs icon with a autocad plotter of paper coming out the front indicates a non-system that is, AutoCAD-specific plottdr.

Add-a-Plotter Wizard

Depending on autocad plotter configured plotting device, additional options may be available on the Device and Autocad plotter Settings tab. You can start the Plotter Configuration Editor with any of the following methods: To change the location, first create autocad plotter folder on your network where you’ll store your PC3 files. Choose Properties in the Plot dialog box. Your PC3 files are unavailable or missing when you go to plot. Click the plus sign to the left of the Printer Configuration Search Path file.

If you upgrade a driver, try using your existing PC3 file. Most of the time, using already configured Windows system printers is easiest, autocad plotter they work well with many devices, especially devices such as laser and inkjet printers that print autocad plotter smaller paper.


The default location for PC3 files is the Plotters autocad plotter pictured to the left. These settings allow you or your office to set a single plotting standard in one easy-to-access location.

PC3 files exist separately from pplotter CTB plot styles files. Many people find that the standard drivers work fine, but custom drivers may include additional paper sizes among other handy settings.

Then copy the PC3 files from the folder pictured above to the folder you created on your network. For example, when you configure a autocad plotter plotter, you can modify the pen characteristics.

In the Search field, enter printers.

By incorporating a few important settings, CTB styles provide a quick and painless way to ensure that you and your colleagues always plot in the same way. When you create a PC3 file, you’re configuring that plotter to always print in autocad plotter specific way. Choose the output device that you want to designate as the default autocad plotter new drawings. A menu will open.

These files contain settings such as: This wizard is similar to the Windows Add Autocad plotter Wizard; if you can autocax adding an ordinary printer in Windows, you can probably handle adding a non-system plotter configuration to AutoCAD. Verify that the list includes the printers and plotters autocad plotter want to have available in AutoCAD.

Add-A-Plotter Wizard is missing in AutoCAD | AutoCAD | Autodesk Knowledge Network

If a plotter is supported by the program, but not by the operating system, you can use one of the HDI nonsystem printer or plotter drivers. You can drag autocad plotter configuration autocad plotter from one PC3 file to another.

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To see where your PC3 files are stored: Go through these steps again and make sure you browsed to the correct folder. The program lists the available configured system and Autocad plotter nonsystem printers or plotters. You can now configure a number of settings for the selected plotter by expanding the various menus and changing the settings to your preferences or standards. Plot configurations are portable and can be shared in an office or on a project as long auhocad they are for the same driver and model.

You can start the Plotter Configuration Editor with any of the following methods:.

About Setting Up Plotters and Printers

Our Recommendations Autocad plotter A PC3 file — the short name for autocad plotter Configuration Version 3″ — contains settings for a particular plotter on your network.

Each plotter configuration contains information such as the device driver and model, the output port to which the device is connected, and various device-specific autocad plotter.

Your PC3 files should be visible in the plotter menu in the Page Setup dialog box. These drivers ignore the tidy rules for communicating with Windows printers in order to get things done more accurately and more quickly.