Techradar As you would expect, the keys are small and compact and you’ll initially find yourself picking at the keys. Retrieved 25 February Please, switch off ad blockers. There are subfolders for science and maths among others. It also has wireless and on some models, Bluetooth. Its petite dimensions give it a toy-like appearance, but this is countervailed by the pearl-white finish, which gives it a touch of sophistication.

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It was made to be a secondary, not main computer. You will only remember it when you need to pull it out from sack and when you want to return it there.

Preis gut Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: It also has a very short boot time when starting the system ere. If you recognized yourself in previous asus 701 eee pc than EEE is asus 701 eee pc for you.

We’ll be diving deeper into Windows XP-based Eee 7001 performance and functionality in the weeks ahead, so stick around.

Archived from the original on 13 August Speakers sit either side of the display, but the microphone is 7011 mounted on the underside of the laptop, which affects audio quality slightly. Don’t show this again. Asus kann auch billig Asus 701 eee pc The laptop brazenly defies the conventional standards of portable computing and delivers extreme mobility at an appealing price.


PC Perspective The Asus Eee PC has had a quick development path and has gone from a questionable product development to having a near fanatical fan base that is following its every move on the way to the US. We take a closer asus 701 eee pc.

Because it’s so small, some sacrifices have been made. The small keyboard and screen and the modest internal specs might be a deterrent for some, but for students and those of us who lust after lightweight portables for life on the go, the Eee PC can asus 701 eee pc fill that niche. Unscored No review score yet. The Bad Cramped keyboard; lack of storage space; no optical asus 701 eee pc. Ultimately, the Eee PC looks equally at home on the catwalk or in a child’s playpen — it is what you make of it.

Asus Eee PC review: Asus Eee PC – CNET

In Australia and Italythe situation was reversed: Ultra Portable sub-notebook Source: The system basically delivered on nearly every expected metric, save perhaps the somewhat cramped feel of the keyboard area, which is part of the territory for a machine of this form-factor. Asus 701 eee pc from the original on 17 September Asus Eee PC asus 701 eee pc models ha, hab, ha, pcc others use Varta ML or equivalent MaxellSanyo and Panasonic ML lithium ion coin cell rechargeable batteries, terminated with a two-pin Molex connector plug.

Also standard are the 6-cell battery, the 1. Three chips need heatsinking, and this is achieved by assu adhesive pads which sit between the chip heatsink flats and the keyboard shield and connect them thermally. Memory and storage basic. Asus 701 eee pc the mean time, if you’re so inclined, Eee PCs with Windows XP will be hitting store shelves any day, so you can check one out for yourself.


This website uses cookies. WiMAX is not currently supported. For those that haven’t been following the Eee PC tabloids, or even our previous coverage of the units from Computex this past summer, the Asus Eee PC is basically the most compact and innovative standard notebook computer we have seen in many years. It excels as a mobile web browsing and email platform, but it lacks sufficient storage and performance to really be a total notebook replacement.

ASUS Eee PC 701 4G

But can a laptop so cheap really offer you what you need? Different models come with different-sized SSDs. With no moving parts there is far less risk of causing damage to your drive with a knock or drop. The first Eee PC was a asus 701 eee pc in the personal computer business, [2] [ citation needed ] launching the netbook category of small, low-cost laptops in the West in Japan, subnotebooks had long been a staple in computing.