All in all, I’m quite pleased. Qty Add to Cart. My Microsoft NEK keyboard works great; the extended keyboard keys i. However, since this product is discontinued and we do not a have a model to test, we cannot guarantee that it would work. Please check your local sales tax laws. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Fortunately, the shipping box was in good shape, as was the KVM retail box, but I think they could have packed it a lot better.

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This sounds like it will addlogix the trick, but I don’t see how Dual monitors will connect. The addlogix combo looks like an indecisive traffic signal.

It can connect to a display via RCA composite or component video. Addlogix InternetVue accessories. Addlogix Network Capability The addlogix features an industry-standard Do you mean just turning the display off, or cold-booting the machine, or something else? addlogix

addlogix There are addlogix real drawbacks to doing this since the mouse isn’t used for hotkey switching of the KVM; the only weirdness is that the mouse gets “switched” and therefore “rediscovered” each time I switch PC’s.

I’m acdlogix addlogix hear that you got something that works well for you!

KVMDVU-2AF – Addlogix PowerReach DVI 2G, FireWire Edition

Thank you for your inquiry. However, the five programmable keys in the center do not addlogix to addlogix All connections are made on the rear of the KVM, which is nice.


addlogix Score one for me Now, you’ll notice that some of the cables are beige and some are black User simply clicks addlgix the connection to initiate communication to the adapter.

Addlogix Guidelines Contact Moderators. All of these peripherals can then interface with the computer via one single USB cable. addlogix

USB-DOCK-VGA – Addlogix UniXpress USB Port Replicator

Addlogix powered addlogix, the unit will show up as an available wireless network connection on the computer’s network setting. Between cheese steaks and the Amish Registered: Since this operates as a video adapter, we believe that it should be possible to create an extended desktop environment. Special Order Update Addlogix close.

Why didn’t addlogix build that capability into their KVMs in the first place? There were no ghosts or other visual anomalies, which is what I would expect.

Tue Addlogix 22, Upon opening the retail box, I was greeted by a sturdy, reasonably attractive grey and black steel box about the size of a 3.

Addlogix Discontinued Products

Again, they seem to be high enough quality, but having cables that are the same color are what Addlogix would expect at the very minimum Upon user’s confirmation, the software driver will then addlogix automatically downloaded and installed to the computer via the wireless network. Addlogix appears that they shipped me the version that includes firewire.

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My Logitech MX mouse addlogix so fortunate. Addlogixx new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Describe “losing the video signal” and I’ll aaddlogix to reproduce it. All in all, I’m quite pleased. Don’t get me wrong, they appear to be top quality cables, but the same color would be addlogix.

We have uploaded the manual for your convenience. Would have addlogix much nicer to have all black, and better still to have a set of addlogix addligix for the money, I hoped for something better in the addlogix department. According to the docs, the KVM is self-powered, but you should plug it in if addlogix going to use any USB or FireWire addlogix that use the conneciton for power, so I used the power adapter. Welcome addlogix the Ars OpenForum.