Fix infinite spin in reading buffer – LP: Avoid “dead ports”, add roothub port polling. Stop going ahead if autogroup is disabled” – LP: Do not indicate retry capability to initiators – LP: Fix undefined instruction exception handling – LP: Do not free tpg structure during wq allocation failure – LP:

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Add mellanox ethernet drivers to nic-modules acpi ven ite&dev 8708 LP: Correct AO output for das08jrao – LP: Fix problems with close in the presence of a delegation – LP: Remove support for Samsung I – LP: Add support of AR 0cf3: Fix wrong directory attributes after rename – LP: Correct battery 808 values on Thinkpads – LP: Use stack of calling function for stack tracer – LP: 87708 getrusage related build failure on glibc trunk – LP: Add register level checks to detect bogus io-apic entries” – LP: Handle deadlock detection smarter – LP: Use strlcat instead of strcat – LP: Add support for 13d3: Have filter check for balanced ops – LP: If we don’t care about credentials coallesce all messages – LP: Handle numid overflow – LP: Fix autopm error during probing – LP: Fix race between key destruction and finding a keyring by name – LP: Use block layer acpi ven ite&dev 8708 spinlock – LP: Acpl stable address in Chinese and Japanese translations – LP: Replace the paravirt nop with a bona fide empty function – LP: Disable optimistic spinning on some architectures – LP: Fix issue for transmitting over tie&dev – LP: Don’t free ida when disk is in use – LP: Increase reference of parent after registering, netfs acpi ven ite&dev 8708 – LP: Fix error flag testing acpj LP: Reload pit counters for all channels when restoring state – LP: Fix race in TLB batch processing.

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Check number of unmap descriptors against our limit – LP: Missed headfile including 3. Fix batch-limit size problem – LP: Check component length before reading it – LP: Disable AsyncFlip performance optimisations – LP: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3: Fix inconsistent compiler versions check – LP: acpi ven ite&dev 8708

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