Sep 9, 11 1 0. Also make sure the jumper is set properly on the motherboard and the “clear CMOS” switch on the rear panel is also set properly. My BIOS used to display: I did pull everything a part, cleaned it and that was it. Also, this thread broke 1 million views quite a bit of views ago: And my apologies if this is the wrong thread to post Thanks. I’m getting good fps on the games I play, and thing is still solid on a E

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I understand you have the same problem as me while you are using the official IP35 Pro firmware. I’ll have a lot of fun updating 13 BIOS versions soon Can someone give a rough range of these setting ablt I should stay in between?

U can control only fans with 4 pin headers. The SSD is a decent upgrade. I ahck someone finds this information useful in the future. I have not tried the new OCZ firmware v1.

IP35 Pro & AHCI

Also, any additional advice or tips would be appreciated. I don’t really care, either. I tested all four sticks with memtest86 and they all passed.

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I created a proo disk for windows 7. Modify to check LBA access boundary to avoid device error. It immidately took me to my A: The only limiting factor is the current provided by the mainboard. I believe BIOS newer than 14 has some issue with reading the core temperature improperly or something like that, I don’t recall exactly.

Thanks in advance I work nights so Ill ipp35 when I can. If for some reason you require one of the beta BIOSes which are available from the lejabeach website http: No, you didn’t miss anything.

I also still have to dual boot to WinXP for some programs which is on a separate harddrive.

I don’t know what the cause is. It went strait past the disk and booted form my C: Can you offer any advice on how to successfully do this without screwing things up, or point me in the right direction for the “how to” information?

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All parts are brand abitt, never been used. Michael DalyJul 10, Likewise with the audio and Ethernet Windows’ own drivers will sufficebut I advise installing those.


The solution given is: So I will flash it in the morning and will update.

Newer JMicron driver 1. Thx for the updated link, just got my old machine back for some updating: I have two of these boards, one is having some weird lockups and blue screens after a win 7 64 install, I think it was because of a USB wireless card, system is all stock right now. I have tried speedfan but it is not working. Anyone know about this problem and what needs to be done? There were definately issues with the win7 ethernet drivers and the chipset drivers are just the right thing to do.

Thanks for updating the first post, Nelly! I’ve googled quite a bit, and it seems it might be related to the Jmicron controller, but I can’t find out what I should do.